The Katahdin Arctic Butterfly Basket.
This Basket is made in homage to the
Katahdin Arctic Butterfly
that lives on Mt. Katahdin.

Entrapped above glacial ice on Mt. Katahdin
this little butterfly evolved into it's own species
and is indigenous only to Mt. Katahdin.
The Butterfly is listed on the endangered
species list.
The lid of this basket is woven with a slight arch leading to the
center representing Mt. Katahdin.
Atop the lid is the Katahdin Arctic Butterfly.

This basket is woven with an arched bottom that has four
corners, each represents the four
tribes of the Wabanaki - The Maliseet Tribe,
The MicMac Tribe, The Passamaquoddy Tribe and
The Penobscot Nation.

Each corner has a twill weave side that represents
Mt. Katahdin and hovering above is an eagle.
This Basket is on display at the
National Museum of the American Indian
The Smithsonian
Price is $300
Shipping is free.
Large Katahdin
Arctic Butterfly
This is basket is 12 inch
in dim with a round
Price is $400
inside view